Hallis’ family has a long history of association with the cemetery. Her great, great, grandfather, Fielding McMurry, sold the land to the Masons. The McMurry family plot is at the cemetery’s plaza. Hallis, herself, was one of the original board members following EMCA’s incorporation.

Hallis, a retired CPA, is currently the Treasurer and also chairs the separate Budget Committee. She brings substantial financial and management skills to the board. Ensuring broad internal controls and developing projections for EMCA’s long term financial health are two of her current priorities.

As well as volunteering for special events, Hallis is one of the hosts of both the monthly Open Mausoleum Sunday and the summer series Music To Die For. In 2019, she researched the meaning of symbols found on grave markers, provided the verbiage and drawings for a brochure, and conducted public tours on the subject.