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Did You Know?
It's been repeated occasionally that the turkey had been suggested by our founding fathers as the national bird, rather than the bald eagle. As interesting as this may seem, it's not true.
According to the History Channel page, in 1782, a series of committees turned their ideas over to Charles Thomson, the secretary of Congress, who chose the eagle as our symbol. (It's worth noting that for centuries the eagle has been considered a sign of strength.)
What is true is that in a 1784 letter from Benjamin Franklin to his daughter Sarah, he did label the bald eagle "a bird of bad moral character. For my own part I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country," and went on to extol the virtues of the turkey to his daughter.
Burial Space
The Eugene Masonic Cemetery has burial rights to sell. We can accommodate cremated remains and caskets. Your purchase provides a beautiful & meaningful place for your family to visit and help support the cemetery.
For more information, email Sally at  or call 541 684-0949

Our maintenance and restoration work takes planning and it takes money. A significant portion of our revenue comes from the sale of plots and crypts, but that's not enough. We try to obtain volunteer and grant support as much as possible, but we need additional revenue to carry on this important work. For that, we have to rely on friends such as you to help.
We thank you for all your past support, and we ask you to be as generous as possible in supporting us now. Click here to donate.
Volunteer Info

Interested in volunteering with the Eugene Masonic Cemetery?   
Contact Elizabeth
clicking here.    
Foggy Morning
It's not often we have an article to feature a photograph, but this is one. It was taken recently by our new groundskeeper Dan Lovejoy. The morning fog provided a tapestry to brightly illustrate the rising sun over the ever-surprising Eugene Masonic Cemetery, and Dan happened to have his camera with him. Thank you, Dan!

But this is my cue to urge you to visit the cemetery, whether it's a fresh new morning, or any other time of the day. Over 1 1/2 miles of well maintained walking paths will take you through some incredible, peaceful beauty right in the heart of a bustling residential area.  
You'll also be able to visit some significant history of Eugene and the State of Oregon. Stop by the Garden Cottage just a stones throw from Hope Abbey Mausoleum to pick up some brochures about the cemetery, and be sure to get a copy of our Famous People Buried in the Cemetery walking tour guide to show you the way around.
The Eugene Masonic Cemetery is in Southeast Eugene near the intersection of East 25th and University St. Please park on the street and enjoy the gentle walk up the hill to visit history.  
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a warm time of year when the weather is getting colder. Families and friends gather to share love, warmth and friendship, as well as good food. It's an appropriate time to remember fondly those who have left us.

Many in our community don't have these blessings for reasons beyond their control, and the Holiday season we're entering can be especially challenging. Consider a gift of food or money to one of many charities in Eugene or Springfield that work year round to help feed, clothe and shelter those unable to adequately provide for themselves. Two that come to mind are The Eugene Mission and St. Vincent de Paul. Additionally, many churches are accepting donations which will go to help our neighbors.
Music To Die For

Thank you so much for making the 9th year of Music To Die For the success that it was. Based on the number of chairs we have, I'd estimate we had somewhere around 450-500 people who came to enjoy these free concerts featuring some very special, mostly local, talent. (One performer made the trip from Portland to play.)

Rest assured MTDF will return in June of next year to carry on this tradition in the historic Hope Abbey Mausoleum. You'll hear about it first here in the cemetery's eNewsletter. Thank you for the support.
John Bredesen, eNewsletter Editor
Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association
Mission Statement 
To restore, rehabilitate, maintain, interpret and operate the historic Eugene Masonic Cemetery and Hope Abbey Mausoleum as a cultural and natural resource for the community.

The cemetery is operated for the public benefit,  
but it is private property.
(A 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization)