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Music To Die For
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The Masonic Order is known for the creation of many cemeteries throughout the nation. When the Eugene Masonic Cemetery was created in 1859, it was open to burial to anyone who could pay for a plot. There was no requirement to be a Mason.


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Music To Die For
Linda Danielson & Janet Naylor
June 25th, 2 PM Hope Abbey Mausoleum

SHEILA TASKER: Whistle, Flute and featured vocals
JOSEPH MUENNICH: Vocals & Bodhran

EMCA's first free monthly 
Music To Die For 
concert of the summer will be held at Hope Abbey Mausoleum in the Eugene Masonic Cemetery on Sunday, June 25th from
2pm to 3pm.  Linda Danielson will be playing the fiddle and Janet Naylor, the Celtic Harp. Special guests are Sheila Tasker & Joseph Muennich.

Park on Potter or at the cemetery entrance at E 25th and University. Gates open  1pm   for those who need assistance getting to the Abbey. Great acoustics. Arrive early to get a seat.
Hope Abbey Restoration 
By Denny Hellesvig, EMCA Board Member

Hope Abbey is not just a mausoleum for the interring of remains. It is so much more than that. Architecturally, it is one of the best examples of Egyptian Revival Architecture in the state of Oregon. As a memorial space, it also houses the remains of many early Eugeneans. For us, the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association, it is a worthwhile restoration project to bring back to its original beauty.

In 1995, we found a building that was leaking water from all sides, including the roof, had no natural or artificial light and seemed to have a dirt floor, although it turned out to be mud. What you see now is the result of a concerted effort of thousands of volunteer hours and the efforts of many contractors to bring it back to it's original beauty and functionality. We have restored electricity, an accessible entrance, an attractive, bright restroom, clean floors and walls. The 77 restored stained glass windows are complete, and we have attended to many more details.

It has become a community space with the Music to Die For Concerts held during the summer months, the Memorial Day Celebrations with all the displays, tours and programs, and our program of being open to the community on the last Sunday afternoon of each month. It has moved from a derelict cemetery to becoming the centerpiece of a fabulous community resource.

But the work is not over yet. We are in the process of replacing all the marble in the mausoleum that was vandalized or stolen. This should be complete this summer. We are on track to refinish the beautiful terrazzo floors, stained and cracked over the years by misuse. And we are planning the final steps of restoration of the cast stone west entrance temple front of the exterior, and the vandalized interior pilasters and stone surfaces.

Recent contributions have allowed us to continue this work that requires skilled contractors. But we still need help with the remaining work. Such work is always outside the income needed to support our landscape maintenance and operations. We continue to need the support of those of you who value the Masonic Cemetery and Hope Abbey Mausoleum as the beautiful and historic resource to the neighborhood and community it has become over the last twenty two years. There is a "Donate" button on this page if you wish to help. We urge you to do so, and thanks!
John Bredesen
eNewsletter Editor