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The Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association (EMCA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. It has owned, restored and operated the cemetery and Hope Abbey mausoleum since 1995. The Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers, and Board meetings are held monthly. We have three part-time employees: two for grounds maintenance and one for administration and sales.


Operating revenue comes from the sale of lots, crypts, niches and scatter rights, as well as from donations from people like you. The EMCA occasionally receives grants to help with significant projects. We are quietly, but actively, building an endowment so proper maintenance of the property may continue far into the future after burial site sales cease for lack of space. 

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery has available space for burials and cremations. For cremains, we offer the Scatter Garden, niches within Hope Abbey and in-ground burials. Email to Administrator Sally Dietrich for more information, or
call (541) 684-0949.
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Consider making a contribution today through PayPal, available on our website. When you click below, you'll be taken to the EMCA website where you can access the PayPal donate button. Help us preserve this important part of Eugene's history. Thank you. 



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Music To Die For Returns for 2015

Carleen and Mike McCornack return to Hope Abbey to lead off the season for 2015. Mark your calendar for June 28th at 2 PM. This amazingly talented folk duo write many of their own songs. They appeared in Hope Abbey in 2013, and are happy to be returning.

Here's the rest of the Summer's performance lineup:

July 26th: Barbershop! The Barbershop Quartet Social Insecurity will be featured, sharing the bill along with a mini Barbershop chorus of about 12 men. All are members of the Cascade Chorus.

August 30: A return visit from the interestingly named group, Karass. They are an acoustic folk band with an emphasis on vocal harmony.

September 27: Ensemble Primo Seicento A group specializing in seventeenth century music for voices, cornetto, violin, sackbut, and organ.

October 25th: Alder Street Winds A very local woodwind group.

These Music To Die For summer concerts are presented at 2 PM on the last Sunday of the months of June through October, and are free to the public. Additional Information on performances will be posted as it becomes available.

Memorial Day Flag & Rose

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for the Eugene Masonic Cemetery, especially so because of our commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War. 

Taps at noon each day, President Lincoln (Steve Holgate) delivering his 2nd Inaugural Address, Carol Houde's beautiful 1860's wedding dress, Civil War music and readings by William & Carla Coleman, and all topped by a fascinating talk by Professor Emeritus Jack Maddex on the subject of "Oregon's Connection to the Civil War". These were some of the things to which visitors were treated.

All these special events were in addition to the normal Hope Abbey open house activities which featured display tables plus cake and coffee and a Veteran's history hunt.

Your attendance made it an exceptional and rewarding weekend for those who worked so hard and diligently to pull it all together. Thank you!
Hope Abbey Windows  
by D enny Hellesvig


The restoration of the stained glass windows in Hope Abbey is one the longest running projects of the EMCA. With only enough preservation work completed to just keep Hope Abbey dry, we started with a survey of the 81 windows in the mausoleum in 2001. Sadly, there was not a single window that could be restored, all were too damaged by vandalism. However, we do show off one original window. Though too damaged to install in an exterior wall, it contains every bit of the usable glass from the original windows.


We now have completed the replication of all but four of the windows. Those will be completed when funding is available. The mausoleum is again flooded with the golden glow from the new stained glass panes.


These windows are available for sale as memorials to remember or honor family members. Of the upper clerestory windows, we still have eleven to sell. Of the lower windows, there are seven available as memorials. These are priced based on size.


       * The clerestory windows are slightly less than 4 square feet in size and sell for $500, including names on a donor board.


        *The smaller lower windows are slightly larger than 5-1/2 square feet and sell for $1,000 including names on the donor board and a plaque under the window. There are five of these available.


        *The two largest windows are over 11 square feet in size and sell for $2,000 including names on the donor board and a plaque.


Please consider purchasing one of the remaining windows to help us complete this phase of the Hope Abbey restoration project.  

John Bredesen
eNewsletter Editor