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What's In This Issue? February, 2019
Burial Space Available
Music To Die For
Weather Warning
Fence Challenge
Tombstone Source
Dedicated Window
Mission Statement
Did You Know?
In addition to many Eugene streets, seven buildings on the University of Oregon campus are named for people buried in the Masonic Cemetery, all of whom contributed in major ways to the early years of the University.   
Two were presidents; two were faculty members; two were regents; and one was supervisor of student living.
Burial Space

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery has available space for burials and cremations. Email Sally Dietrich at for more information. Or call 541 684-0949
Music To Die For
will return!

The 9th season will begin on Sunday,  June 30th, 2019 at 2 pm. We'll have more information here when it's available. Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you there.  
 Weather-Related Cautionary Note
With the advent of the recent snowfall, some significant damage to trees and large bushes has occurred. If you chose to visit the cemetery, be aware that branches weakened by the weight of the snow could fall at any moment, even after all the snow has melted.

Our landscape crew is at work to identify these dangers, removing what they can, and will call in professional arborists as soon as possible.
Fence Challenge Continued
Last month in the EMCA eNewsletter, we presented two articles related to the new anti-vandalism fence to be installed along much of the north edge of the Masonic Cemetery. 
Two friends of the cemetery, Hugh Prichard and Kevin Shanley, have offered a 1 to 1 financial match to help finance the project. If we can raise $4000, they will match that with an additional $4000.
To date we have received almost exactly $2000, so the Fence Challenge is continuing on the way to our goal of $4000.  
Since the EMCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, any contribution you choose to make toward this project will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You may send a check to EMCA, PO Box 5934, Eugene, OR 97405. or click here to use the EMCA donate button. Please specify that it's for the Fence Challenge

Gravemarkers Now Available
The Eugene Masonic Cemetery is proud to offer a new service. Working with an established Oregon stone company, a member of our staff can now meet with you to assist in creating an enduring memorial in the cemetery dedicated to the life of a loved one.
Granite is our stone of choice. It's extremely durable and available in a wide range of colors which blend with the landscape beautifully. There are several styles of marker from which to choose. Select a ground level flush marker, an 8 inch raised "pillow" style, or traditional slanted or upright stones.
We will work with you on the design of the marker. We have many options for lettering styles, borders and embellishments if desired. Our staff will help you sort through options so that the process is not overwhelming, and we'll show you proofs for your approval before any stone is actually carved.
The price of the grave marker includes engraving, delivery from the stone company, and installation in the cemetery. It is also possible to have military emblems attached if that is something you are receiving from the Veterans Administration. The process can take up to several months and the final time line depends on varying factors. Proceeds from the sale of the markers are invested back into the operation of the cemetery
You can feel proud that you will have honored your loved one by choosing this special place in our community and have enhanced our history as the first cemetery for the city of Eugene. When your marker is complete and in place, your enduring reminder of someone's life becomes part of the fabric of the cemetery, sharing space with city founders, early pioneers, and the many others who left their lasting contributions in Eugene and the Pacific Northwest.
New Dedication Window
by Betsy Halpern
Recently, one of the large windows on the north end of the mausoleum was dedicated to the work of John Bredesen and Denny Hellesvig. What does it take to get honored in such a way? Some of the windows are in memory of people who have died, others recognize people who have donated money for the restoration of the mausoleum and others honor people who have contributed in other ways.

John and Denny have been mainstays of the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association for almost 20 years. They have contributed  administrative talents, creative ideas and "grunt work."

As an architect, Denny designed the Garden Cottage, the concrete wheelchair ramp and stairs to Hope Abbey Mausoleum and the remodel of the lavatory. Both of the Hope Abbey projects had to be  practical and also to meet the regulations of the National Register of Historic Places. He also served as treasurer for many years and is the resident expert on monument restoration.

John served as president of the board for 10 years and currently edits the monthly eNewsletter. In addition to lending his expertise to many construction projects, he is in charge of the successful Music to Die For program, which entails recruiting musicians, organizing the set-up of the mausoleum for the performances and acting as host for the five events per year.

Both these senior citizens are the ones you see setting up and putting away the chairs for an event such as Music to Die For, answering an emergency maintenance call, or solving an administrative or personnel situation. It seems fitting that they have one of the beautiful stained glass windows honoring their work. Way to go, Denny and John.
John Bredesen, eNewsletter Editor
Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association
Our Mission Statement says our purpose is "To restore, rehabilitate, maintain, interpret and operate the historic Eugene Masonic Cemetery and Hope Abbey Mausoleum as a cultural and natural resource for the community."

It is operated for the public benefit, but it is private property.