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Hope Abbey Mausoleum

Music To Die For
The popular Music To Die For music series will resume in June, 2017. It can't practically be continued during the colder months because there is no heat in the mausoleum.


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Best Wishes for 2017!

As 2016 rapidly comes to a close, the Staff and Board of Directors of the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Our little group has been operating this historic cemetery for over two decades, making it a safe, interesting and fun place to walk, contemplate and enjoy a very rural feeling completely surrounded by a busy city. This is made possible because of support from many organizations, and people like you, who have shared dollars and talent. Thank you!
Ice Storm Damage
I'm pleased to tell you that the Eugene Masonic Cemetery came through the recent ice storm with less (although still significant) damage to our beautiful stand of trees and other vegetation than we anticipated. A couple Madrone trees were lost, as well as a fir. However, damage to shrubs was widespread.

Additionally, some tree limbs were broken off and a few left hanging, creating a potentially unsafe environment for walkers. But through the efforts of our wonderful Grounds crew, Wendi Propst and Steve Kuchera, plus the help of a professional arborist, much of the damage has been taken care of. HOWEVER, as is the case in any setting with trees and ice, there is always the possibility of falling branches, especially with the coming inclement weather. Be aware of potential dangers if you visit the cemetery. Cleanup continues to remove debris from the grounds and from above, but it will take time.

One of the reasons we were spared even more tree damage is because of our ongoing tree maintenance program. We have a budget line item specifically for tree maintenance, so unhealthy trees are pruned or removed as needed, making them less likely to be a future danger.

So, I encourage you to visit the cemetery, but use common sense on the trails. Keep an eye out for undiscovered hanging branches, and remember that bad weather can create more dangers which take time to discover and remove.

If you should be moved to help us with the expenses related to the storm damage we did have, it would be greatly appreciated. Just click here: Help with storm damage When the web page opens, click on "Donate" in the lower left corner.

Oregon Cultural Trust 

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association is listed with the Oregon Cultural Trust as a qualified non-profit. This means that a contribution made to the cemetery can be used to cover a matching donation to the O.C.T., which in turn can result in a dollar for dollar state tax rebate. Please visit the O.C.T. website for details. Oregon Cultural Trust Donation FAQ

It's not too late to make a last minute contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust if you are reading this in 2016! Simply click on the link above and follow the instructions.

It's also not too late to make a last minute, year end contribution  to the continuing restoration of the Masonic Cemetery by clicking the link to the left. Thank you!
John Bredesen
eNewsletter Editor