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Hope Abbey Open House
Memorial Day Weekend
Music To Die For 2018
Snowdrop Work Party
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 English Ivy (Hedra Helix), also called common ivy, is considered an invasive plant in many places and countries. It's illegal to sell or import it to Oregon, where it's considered a noxious weed. Ivy can climb into the canopy of trees in such density that the trees fall over from the weight. For this reason, it's important to remove ivy from trees.


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Hope Abbey Open House
The Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association welcomes visitors to Hope Abbey on the last Sunday of each month except December, from 1 to 4 pm. Open once a month to the public, this mausoleum is a local treasure. At least two Board or staff hosts will be present to answer any questions you may have. Please stop by April 29th and say "Hello."

Beginning in June and running through October. these open house events are the venue for our
Music To Die For concerts. See article to the immediate right.

Located at 25th and University. Questions: call 541-684-0949 or email
Memorial Day Weekend
By Karen Seidel 

On this year's Memorial Day weekend (May 26–28) the Eugene Masonic Cemetery will pay tribute to all the veterans buried in the cemetery. Originally designated as "Decoration Day" in 1868, it was intended to honor Union soldiers of the Civil War.  Following World War I, the day was renamed "Memorial Day" for the purpose of honoring veterans from all wars.

Over one hundred known veterans from wars, ranging from the "Indian wars" in the mid-1800s to the Vietnam War, are buried in the Masonic Cemetery.  One-third of these veterans fought in the Civil War, and almost that many participated in World War II. Smaller numbers saw conflict in the Spanish-American War, World War I, and Korea.  Four of the veterans are women.

To recognize and commemorate these veterans, flags will fly over their graves.  Taps will be played each noon in the Public Square. "Find the Veterans History Hunt," an opportunity for children and families to learn more about the veterans' experiences, will be offered throughout the weekend, with prizes awarded for those completing the hunt.

A guided walking tour of the cemetery will be offered each day following the playing of Taps.  Board member Dina Wills will lead a tour of the dying art of gravestone carving on Saturday. On Sunday Board member Caroline Forell will share information on cemetery highlights, and groundskeeper Diego Llewellyn-Jones will provide a landscape tour on Monday.  Each tour will begin at the Public Square.

Hope Abbey will feature various displays that will engage visitors.  "Before" and "After" pictures of the cemetery and mausoleum will illustrate the progress EMCA has made in improving their appearance and condition.  A large floral display of flowers, plants, and noxious weeds from the cemetery will again take center stage. Cemetery maps will also be on display.

Cake and coffee will be served each afternoon.  The cakes will again be designed and prepared by student chefs in South Eugene High's "South Fork Pantry."

Board member Alex Brokaw is coordinating the weekend events.  All events are free and open to the public.

Sacred Harp Sing Thursday, May 31:  7:00 pm

Sacred Harp Singers will present its 16th annual performance of folk hymn singing in the "shape note" tradition.  All are welcome to participate or listen to this joyful music making in Hope Abbey.
Music To Die For Returns in June
Mike & Carleen McCornack

June will see the return of
Music To Die For, the popular music series hosted by the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Assn. This will be the 8th year of these free programs which began as a way of thanking our many friends and neighbors for the support provided in helping restore the cemetery and Hope Abbey.

These free programs featuring  local musicians are presented at 2 PM on the days listed. All are Sundays.

June 24: Carleen & Mike McCornack:
Original and contemporary folk-influenced music. Vocal harmony and guitar accompaniment.

July 29: Tim Danforth, Carl Falsgraf and Barbara Healey:
Three Eugene songwriters share original music rooted in blues, folk and Americana.

August 26: Grand Ronde String Band;
Four piece string band rooted in old timey and bluegrass elements of jazz, soul and country.

September 30: Ensemble Primo Seicento:
17th Century music and period instruments.

October 28 TBD 
Snowdrop Work Party
By Wendi Propst, Landscape Manager

As beautiful as they may be, giant snowdrops are not a native plant and they threaten to out-compete our native flora. In early March, we invited community members to help us dig up the bulbs and take home as many as they liked. There was a great response to this invitation with over 30 volunteers helping. We made great progress as many spring fevered gardeners flocked to the cemetery to dig snowdrops (Galanthus elwesii) for their gardens. Our volunteers' ages ranged from mid-twenties to 92 years old, and the cemetery thanks them all!

Diego and I have added soil to the newly dug areas and seeded with native grass seed. We'll revisit the area next winter when the snowdrops reemerge and see what we have left to remove.

John Bredesen
eNewsletter Editor
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