General Use Policies

Eugene Masonic Cemetery General Policies

The following policies apply to all users of the cemetery, including visitors.

  1. There are fees for services performed within the cemetery. Burials, grave marker placement, disinterment and memorial gatherings that require cemetery staff shall not take place until all fees are paid in full.
  2. No automobile, motorcycle, truck, tractor, van, crane, skateboard, or any other vehicle or recreational equipment shall be permitted in the cemetery without permission of the EMCA. Bicycles are limited to the gravel pathways.
  3. All dogs must be leashed. Dog owners must clean up their pets’ waste. Our policies are consistent with City of Eugene code, and we reserve the right to call the City animal control officer for offenders.
  4. Burying pets or scattering their cremated ashes in the cemetery is expressly prohibited.
  5. For the first year after a burial, people may place fresh flowers and memorabilia on or at a grave. Artificial flowers, glass, ceramics and candles are not allowed. After the first year, fresh flowers and memorabilia shall be contained within 12 inches of the grave marker. Cemetery staff will remove and dispose of flowers and memorabilia when they become unsightly, unsafe, or are inconsistent with EMCA policy.
  6. The cemetery is a managed landscape of native and heritage plants that has been established over many decades. We consider these surroundings to be a natural tribute to those buried here. Therefore, do not plant anything in the cemetery.
  7. All maintenance of lots shall be implemented by EMCA staff only. No one else shall prune, mow, “weed eat” or spray any substance on any plants on cemetery grounds. The EMCA may remove any existing tree, shrub, or planting if it is inconsistent with current landscape practices.

The EMCA reserves the right to change policies or prices at any time.