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Historic figures buried at EMC include Eugene Skinner

Eugene's city Founder is buried at the Eugene Masonic Cemetery


One of our goals is to provide historic interpretation of the cemetery. We publish well-researched brochures, books, and newsletters. Historic markers, describing early Eugeneans who made a difference, are maintained near gravesites. An on-site bulletin board is provided, and Hope Abbey is a venue for occasional lectures.

City founder Eugene Skinner is buried here, and also the first governor of Oregon, John Whiteaker. Civil War veterans rest near 20th century radio personality Carolyn Spector.

Notables include the first Presidents of both the University of Oregon and the Northwest Christian College. Prominent family names like Chambers, Friendly, Condon, Luckey, Collier, McCornack, and Kerns pepper the hillside. A list of burials is a new addition to this web site.

"An old cemetery holds the stories of all the people buried in it—of their hopes and dreams, how their lives were shaped and how they shaped others”—Full of Life

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Eugene, Oregon

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